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Real estate

Real estate is one of the most liquid assets in Ukraine, so disputes arise in this area quite often. Protecting legitimate rights and interests in real estate matters requires a professional approach and specific knowledge. The right actions in the protection of rights and interests in a dispute over real estate will achieve the desired result and save you from nervousness and loss of time.

The urgency of disputes related to real estate is due to imperfect legislation and low legal culture of citizens. The most common reasons for such disputes are mistakes made in the preparation of real estate documentation. The importance of real estate disputes is due to the high value of real estate in Ukraine.

Common situations in real estate disputes are the division of real estate between co-owners, recognition of ownership of real estate in court, appeals against real estate transactions, recovery of damage to real estate, eviction of non-residents from an apartment or house, legalization of unauthorized construction and court.

We are ready to provide a set of actions to represent the client’s interests in real estate disputes, which includes pre-trial dispute resolution and litigation.

Frequently asked questions of our clients:

  • Consultations on concluding and executing real estate contracts, obtaining permits
  • Checking the history of real estate, title and technical documents for property
  • Legal assessment of developer documentation for the purchase of real estate in new buildings. Customer risk assessment
  • Legal support for concluding transactions with a notary, developers, realtors, assistance with property valuation, insurance, state registration of property rights, in the process of concluding agreements with banks on the purchase of real estate on credit
  • Preparation of projects for the conclusion and analysis of concluded contracts of sale, mines, donations, rent, management, lease of real estate, assignment of claims, mortgages
  • Legal support in the process of division of real estate between co-owners
  • Legal assistance in civil cases concerning protection of the property right to real estate, recognition of agreements invalid, termination of contracts
  • Residential, family, credit disputes related to real estate
  • Legal assistance in cases of lifting bans on the alienation of real estate
  • Legalization of unauthorized buildings

Land disputes

Individuals and legal entities who need a lawyer for land disputes can apply to the Law Firm “Neofelis Law Group”. Our lawyers can create a competent plan for resolving land disputes and conflicts that arise between our client and his opponents. Most often in land practice we are approached to appeal the boundaries of land plots or land rights, termination of land lease agreements (including shares). There are also issues related to the calculation and payment of land tax.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the field of legal support of land cases, which is confirmed by the results of judicial protection of land rights in various jurisdictions. Our goal is to protect your rights and interests. With Neofelis JSC, you will successfully resolve a legal conflict related to land. The team of specialists, having analyzed the problems of your question, will offer the best options for solving it. This can be both judicial protection and other actions aimed at defending your rights and legitimate interests.

  • Legal support of any agreements with the land
  • Determining the order of land use
  • Appeal against actions to obstruct the use of land
  • Recognition of the agreement regarding the land plot as invalid
  • Privatization of land
  • Resolution of land disputes on illegal actions of state bodies
  • Development and legal analysis of schemes for optimization and minimization of taxation in real estate transactions
  • Representation of clients’ interests in any bodies, institutions, organizations
  • Legal support of state registration of real rights to land
  • Advising on land use, acquisition and disposal

The right actions in the protection of rights and interests in land disputes will achieve the desired result and save you from nervousness and loss of time.

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