Criminal cases

One of the main activities of the Bar Association is the provision of legal assistance in criminal cases. Lawyers of our association protect the interests of all participants in criminal proceedings (suspects, accused, victims, witnesses) at all stages of the criminal process and promote the restoration of the rights of their client as soon as possible. We ensure complete confidentiality and comprehensive protection of people who have entrusted us with the protection of their rights.

The legal rights of a suspect, accused or victim in a criminal case are not protected by courts, investigators or prosecutors. Without the active assistance of a good criminal lawyer, it is impossible to expect a positive result, even if the person did not commit any wrongdoing. It is also difficult to protect the rights of the victim and obtain adequate compensation. If you are faced with a situation in which you need a criminal lawyer, contact the lawyers of the association “NEOFELIS LAW GROUP” to find a lawyer who can professionally protect your interests.


The list of services in criminal proceedings includes:

  • Legal advice on all issues related to criminal prosecution
  • Participation in the search, interrogation, investigative experiment
  • Collection of facts, documents and other physical evidence that can be used in favor of the client
  • Protection during detention
  • Protection of citizens from illegal harassment by law enforcement agencies
  • Representation of interests in pre-trial investigation bodies
  • Representation of interests in courts of first, appellate and cassation instance / appellate and cassation appeal of verdicts and separate decisions
  • Filing complaints with the European Court of Human Rights
  • Support of issues related to the election and change of the precautionary measure
  • Removal of arrest in criminal proceedings
  • Analysis of draft agreements with the prosecution or the injured party and explanation of the consequences of such agreements
  • Drawing up and filing a civil lawsuit in criminal proceedings

Exceptional experience in such categories of cases as:


  • Economic criminal offenses

Providing effective legal assistance in economic crimes requires a highly qualified lawyer due to the fact that the lawyer must be well versed not only in criminal procedure, but also in the economic component and legislation of Ukraine governing economic relations in the country.

As a rule, in this category of cases, clients apply at the stage when the latter is summoned as a witness or suspect in the case for questioning and the investigation has already gathered the necessary evidence to prosecute a person, which complicates further choice of line of defense. Therefore, the sooner you apply for legal aid, the better your chances of successfully defending your defense.

The task of a lawyer for economic criminal offenses at the stage of pre-trial investigation is to prevent the client from being prosecuted, to control searches, interrogations, examinations and other investigative actions, as well as to prevent and appeal violations of the client’s rights.

Categories of cases of economic criminal offenses in which we protect the rights of clients:

smuggling (Article 201 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)

legalization (laundering) of property obtained by criminal means (Article 209 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)

misuse of budget funds (Article 210 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)

evasion of taxes, fees (Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)

fraud with financial resources (Article 222 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)


  • Injuries

Investigation and trial of cases of this category, as a rule, results in a sentence of imprisonment. In addition, the accused is charged with the costs of forensic medical examinations, compensation for damage caused to the victim and other compensation, which can reach hundreds of thousands of hryvnias.

For these reasons, the provision of legal assistance in this category of cases is more important than ever, because only a qualified lawyer will be able to ensure the correct qualification of the actions of suspects, as well as the disclosure of the actual circumstances of the case.

The task of a lawyer in this category of cases in the case of representing the interests of the suspect / accused – to minimize the risk of liability for such crimes. In the case of representing the interests of the victim – bringing to justice the guilty person and compensation in full for the damage.

Categories of personal injury cases in which we protect the rights of clients:

intentional grievous bodily harm (Article 121 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), including inflicted in a state of strong emotional excitement (Article 123 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) and in case of exceeding the limits of self-defense or in excess of measures necessary to detain a criminal offense (Article 124 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)

intentional moderate bodily injury (Article 122 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)

intentional minor bodily injury (Article 124 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)

negligent severe or moderate bodily injury (Article 128 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)


  • Murders

Murder belongs to the category of the most socially dangerous criminal offenses, as a result of which the investigation in this category of cases is long and results in a sentence of imprisonment for a term of seven years and up to life imprisonment.

Any circumstances of the case are important, which may be significant for the final sentencing of the court. The investigation usually omits circumstances that may mitigate the punishment, which is unacceptable. Similarly, the investigation often omits evidence that justifies the suspect / accused and does not conduct investigative (investigative) actions and covert investigative (investigative) actions, which are not beneficial to the prosecution. At the same time, the evidence collected is replete with the number of violations of procedural law, the detection and attention of which is extremely important and can be carried out only by a professional.

The rights of witnesses are often violated. Yes, today you are summoned for questioning as a witness, and then you are handed a suspicion that is inadmissible and is a significant violation of rights.

No less vulnerable are the victims, who are usually given the passive role of observer in the process of gathering evidence at the stage of pre-trial investigation and in the trial as well. The evidence improperly collected by the investigation further serves as the evidence base of the prosecution and their inadmissibility can be easily proved by the defense.

For these reasons, the involvement of a lawyer in criminal murder cases is crucial both to ensure that the rights of the parties are respected and to gather a proper, credible and admissible evidence base to defend one’s position in court. And for the suspects, this is the closure of the case at the stage of pre-trial investigation.


  • Road accident with victims

Traffic rules are oversaturated with various rules, which in general are an instruction, which should be followed by road users. However, quite often all the details of the traffic rules are unknown to the persons to whom they apply. At the same time, if a pedestrian who was injured in an accident was injured, the registration of criminal proceedings and the establishment of who exactly – the driver or the pedestrian – caused such an accident cannot be avoided. And this is where the investigation of who violated the traffic rules begins.

Proper behavior at the scene can mitigate guilt and punishment. The first thing to take care of when becoming a participant in an accident is to use the right to defense and ensure the representation of a lawyer’s own interests. Why is this important? In addition to the fact that you may not know the legal side of the situation, you will also not be able to give an adequate assessment of the situation due to the state of shock or anxiety – in such cases, few people can remain calm and cool. The lawyer is not guided by emotions, he assesses the situation from the point of view of the legislation.

The lawyer’s task is to accompany the case from the beginning to the end, follow all procedural nuances, prevent violations of the client’s rights, find out, compare and verify all details of the case, initiate necessary investigative (search) actions, gather necessary evidence and challenge illegal actions prosecution.

During the investigation, a significant array of investigative (search) actions is carried out – interrogations, site inspections, searches, examinations (medical, automotive, transport-trasological, etc.), investigative experiments, etc. Whatever the status of a party to the case – suspect, investigator or victim – you will have to appear repeatedly to conduct proceedings. During their conduct, repeated violations may be committed, which may ultimately be declared inadmissible.

For these reasons, the participation of a lawyer in criminal cases of road accidents is extremely important both to ensure respect for the client’s rights and to gather a proper, reliable and admissible evidence base to defend his position in court. And for the suspects, this is the closure of the case at the stage of pre-trial investigation.


A person without special training, who does not know all the intricacies of the criminal process, is defenseless before the law. But the Constitution of Ukraine guarantees everyone the right to protection, and any law enforcement agency that initiates an investigation must explain to the suspect or victim his rights, including the right to a lawyer.

Everyone involved in criminal proceedings must state that he / she knows and understands his or her rights as a lawyer and whether he or she wishes to have a professional as his or her lawyer. The best option is not to neglect the right to defense and to involve a lawyer at the pre-trial stage, regardless of whether you are a suspect, a victim or a witness.