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A large proportion of debt collection cases are cases related to credit relations. In modern conditions, banks are rapidly moving from proposals to “improve the lives” of citizens to outright robbery of customers. Providing loans on seemingly favorable terms often entails unreasonably accrued interest, fines and penalties. In addition, the peculiarity of disputes with banks is the involvement in their resolution of collection firms, which often use effective but illegal methods to achieve their goal. Credit disputes and credit debt disputes belong to the category of cases where the court, for the most part, takes the position of a financial institution, and for some reason forgets about the proper and admissible evidence and the adversarial principle, which is the need to prove their claims. . Therefore, civilized people do not solve this issue with a “hot head”, but turn to qualified professionals who can protect your rights with a cold mind and heart. JSC “Neofelis” offers you qualified assistance in resolving credit disputes and guarantees the result of its work.

The main areas of work of JSC “Neofelis” to resolve credit disputes:


Settlement of disputes with banks that are in the process of liquidation (liquidated)

Did you find out that the bank in which you made the deposit is in the process of liquidation? In order to manage such banks, the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Individuals has been established. The Fund is a state, specialized institution that performs the functions of public administration in the field of guaranteeing deposits of individuals. Banks, as a rule, are permanent members of the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund. The main purpose of the Fund is to protect the rights and interests of individuals – depositors of banks. According to the legislation, depositors acquire the right to receive a guaranteed amount of compensation for deposits at the expense of the Fund in the currency of Ukraine from the date of unavailability of deposits. However, as a rule, the Fund does not comply with the law and is not guided by the interests of depositors in resolving the issue of debt repayment of liquidated banks. As a result, it is extremely difficult for consumers of banking services to return the money they have contributed to the bank. This category of cases does not do without the qualified assistance of lawyers, otherwise any independent fundraising initiatives will not yield any results.  

Debt restructuring under the loan agreement

Debt restructuring under a loan agreement is a form of reorganization of debt conditions, during which debtors and creditors agree to defer payment of debts on the principal amount of the loan and interest, which must fall within a certain period of time, as well as a new schedule of such payments. To restructure a loan debt, you must apply to the lender from whom the loan was taken. This statement must indicate the circumstances that caused the negative financial situation and provide appropriate supporting documents. The financial restructuring procedure is carried out without recourse to the court through negotiations between the debtor, its related parties and the involved creditors on the restructuring of monetary obligations to such creditors. Self-initiation of the restructuring procedure and its subsequent self-implementation, as a rule, is delayed for a long time and does not go without mistakes, which can lead to failure to reach any agreements with the lender. To avoid this situation and maximize your financial situation, you should not neglect the help of qualified lawyers, which you can get at the Law Firm “Neofelis Lo Group”.  

Protection of rights in mortgage disputes

Mortgage lending has become widespread as a way to buy a home. Of course, mortgages have a huge number of advantages. At the very least, it is an opportunity to buy a home now, not ever. At the same time, the mortgage has its downsides, such as the need to bear the annual costs of insuring the subject of the guarantee, as well as restrictions associated with the ability to dispose of the mortgaged property. Neofelis Lo Group’s lawyers represent the interests of citizens in court proceedings regarding real estate for which the bank has allocated funds and provide the following services both in the complex and separately: protection of property rights of the borrower of credit funds conducting a legal assessment of the mortgage agreement change in the terms of the mortgage agreement in the process of negotiations with the bank cancellation or revision of the court decision, which lost the borrower’s ownership of real estate review of the court decision on real estate ownership in connection with the newly discovered circumstances cancellation of the results of public bidding for the sale of the subject of the mortgage agreement cancellation or suspension of enforcement proceedings concerning the processes of realization of the subject of the mortgage agreement cancellation of underestimation of property under the terms of the mortgage agreement withdrawal of part of the mortgaged property from the mortgage. Independent attempts to resolve such issues in order to save on the services of a lawyer can cost borrowers real estate, for which they have already paid a considerable amount of money. It is important to remember that banking organizations have a staff of high-class lawyers, whose main task is to obtain money from debtors through litigation. Therefore, without support, the chances of success of such a defendant are significantly reduced.  

Appeal against illegal terms of loan, credit, mortgage agreements

As a rule, the recognition of the terms of loan, credit, mortgage agreements is associated with the absence of the last essential conditions in the text. For example, in a mortgage agreement, this may be the lack of a description of the subject of the mortgage, sufficient to identify it, and its registration data. It may also be non-compliance with the general requirements relating to the content and form of the contract. There is no universal effective recipe for successful consideration of such a case in court and each case requires a separate approach and solution, which can not have a successful outcome without practical experience in resolving this category of cases. Specializing in resolving this category of cases and having a successful experience of representing clients in this area of ​​service, we can confidently offer you to address this category of cases to contact the Law Firm “Neofelis”.


The lawyers of Neofelis Lo Group JSC not only represent the interests in court, but also support the execution of the court decision.


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