Decision of the ECHR on our client Victor Horbenko in the case of the murder of Vasyl Serhiyenko

The first decision of the ECHR on one of our clients Victor Horbenko, accused in the case of Vasily Sergienko, where they” hung ” the murder on people who did not commit it, supporting the whole case not with evidence, but with infusions into PR and activists. The interesting thing is that our client agreed to a peaceful settlement, because Ukraine RECOGNIZED the violation and will pay moral compensation of more than 3000 euros. For taxpayers ‘ money. PR is done, but the citizens of Ukraine will pay.
For reference: the activist-journalist received the title of Hero of Ukraine as a victim of the” Maidan ” killed on the street.Institute in the February events of 2014. Although he was killed in April, in the Cherkasy region, most likely by his own “friends”. For all the attempts to create a public image of the guilt of the defendants in the case, the incredible pressure on the judges, the facts and materials suggest the opposite.