Another won case

Neofelis Lo Group has once again won another lawsuit and defended the client’s interests.

Factual circumstances: our client’s son was misled by two teenagers – he was assured that he would regularly give them money to repay the loan and food. As a result of illegal actions of teenagers, the minor son of our client transferred money in the amount of UAH 83,000. This fact was established by the court, and the mother of two teenagers was brought to administrative responsibility for the committed administrative offense, which is provided by Part 1 of Art. 184 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (case in the USSR № 639/6831/19) and consists in non-fulfillment of obligations regarding the upbringing of children.

To recover the moral and material damage, the lawyers filed a lawsuit in court demanding compensation:

  • 83 thousand UAH of material damage;
  • 15 thousand UAH of moral damage;
  • UAH 980 court fee;
  • UAH 15,000 spent on legal services.

Based on the results of the case, the court decided to satisfy the claims of our client almost in full, and collected from the defendant more than 90 thousand UAH.

The full text of the decision will be available after its publication in the USSR under case number 639/114/20.

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