Another won case in a tax dispute

On November 4, Neofelis Lo Group represented the client’s interests in winning a tax dispute on appeal.

The essence of the dispute: During the documentary scheduled on-site inspection, an Act was drawn up and subsequently formed PPR, debt repayment requirements and decisions notifying the establishment of violations of tax legislation on VAT payments, personal income tax, military duty, single contribution.

Key comments of taxpayers:

– lack of proper primary documentation, which, in their opinion, indicates the unreality of our business transactions;

– lack of own labor staff;

– Lack of information: on fixed assets, land or objects related to taxation; regarding storage of goods; about transportation of goods and materials; according to ERPN data, acquisition of ancillary services;

– carrying out activities that do not correspond to those specified in the USREOU.

The result in the court of first instance: the court decided to declare illegal and cancel the PPR and recover from the defendant the costs of the client to pay the court fee.

Result in the appellate court: uphold the decision of the court of first instance.

Case number in the USSR: 520/6663/19.